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Dedicated account manager to personally work with you from start to finish

Face-to-face candidate screening for experience, skills, and professionalism done by experienced industry professionals

Professional offer presentation & negotiation

12-week replacement guarantee

We have a cultivated candidate pool of hundreds of thousands of experienced industry professionals across North America. We engage these candidates on your behalf to find the best for your roles.

Hassle-free interview coordination & scheduling

Reference checks

% of salary upon placement
No fee up front

Our Non-Executive Search practice is available for corporate and retail roles from Assistant to Director level in the top 25 markets in North America. Our recruiters are experienced fashion and jewelry leaders themselves, each with at least 15 years professional experience before joining the team.

Personalized Account Management

We provide a dedicated account manager who will personally work with you from the initial stages to the final stages of the process. They are committed to understanding your unique needs and will guide you in the right direction, ensuring a smooth and successful hiring journey.

Comprehensive Candidate Screening

Our team conducts thorough face-to-face screening of candidates to verify their experience, skills, and professionalism. These screenings are performed by seasoned professionals who have a deep understanding of industry requirements and standards, enabling them to assess candidates effectively.

Offer Presentation and Negotiation

We handle professional offer presentations and negotiations. This ensures that your offer is presented in the most appealing manner and that negotiations are handled with finesse, increasing the likelihood of securing your preferred candidate.

Replacement Assurance

We offer a 12-week replacement guarantee. This means if a candidate placed by us leaves or is let go within the first 12 weeks, we will find a suitable replacement at no additional charge, safeguarding your investment in recruitment.

Extensive Candidate Pool

We have access to a cultivated pool of hundreds of thousands of experienced industry professionals across North America. We actively engage these candidates on your behalf, using our expertise to identify those who would be the perfect fit for your specific roles.

Interview Coordination

We provide hassle-free interview coordination and scheduling. Our team handles all the logistics of setting up interviews, freeing you from the administrative burden and allowing you to focus on assessing the candidates.

Reference Checks

Our team conducts detailed reference checks. We reach out to previous employers and references provided by the candidates to gain deeper insights into their work ethics, skill set, and performance, helping you make an informed hiring decision.

Post-placement Fee Structure

Our service fee is a percentage of the candidate’s salary upon placement. We do not charge any fee up front, ensuring that our services are accessible and that our interests are fully aligned with yours.

Our Executive Search practice is available for full-time and consulting positions at the Vice President, President, and C-Suite seniorities throughout the United States. Our Executive Recruiters are experienced fashion and jewelry executives themselves, each with at least 15 years professional experience before joining the team.

Exclusive Account Management

For our executive search clients, we provide an exclusive account manager who will work closely with you throughout the entire hiring process. The manager is responsible for understanding your strategic needs, ensuring that we identify the right leadership talent that aligns with your organization’s mission and culture.

Comprehensive Executive Assessment

Our team conducts extensive, in-depth assessments of potential candidates to ensure they have the experience, leadership skills, and professionalism required for executive roles. Assessments are performed by seasoned industry professionals who have a thorough understanding of the demands and standards of executive positions.

Executive Offer Presentation and Negotiation

We expertly handle offer presentations and negotiations for executive positions. Our team is skilled at presenting competitive compensation packages and negotiating terms that are attractive to senior-level candidates while keeping your organization’s best interests in mind.

Extended Replacement Assurance

For our executive search clients, we offer an extended 6-month replacement guarantee. If a candidate placed by us leaves or is let go within the first 6 months, we commit to finding a suitable replacement, safeguarding your investment in executive recruitment.

Access to North American Executive Pool

We have access to a continental network of top-tier executive talent. Our team proactively engages with these professionals to identify those who would be the perfect match for your leadership roles, leveraging our industry connections and our extensive database of potential candidates.

Interview Coordination and Executive Travel Arrangement

We take care of all aspects of interview coordination, including scheduling, logistics, and executive travel arrangements. Our team ensures that the interview process is as smooth and convenient as possible for both you and the executive candidates.

Extensive Reference Checks and Background Verification

We perform rigorous reference checks and background verification for executive candidates. This includes a review of the candidates’ professional track record, a check of their references, and a thorough background verification to ensure credibility and trustworthiness.

Retained Fee Structure

For our executive search services, we operate on a retained fee structure. This involves an up-front fee to initiate the search process, followed by installment payments based on agreed-upon milestones. This approach demonstrates our commitment to a successful executive search and aligns our interests with yours throughout the hiring process.


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As professional retailers ourselves, we’ve been in many of these roles ourselves, and have a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in each.
We have an extensive network of pre-screened candidates, plus a candidate pool of 100,000+ industry professionals.
Our industry relationships ensure we always understand the current market conditions. Our candidate relationships and data ensure we are on the pulse of the labor market.
We think of ourselves as partners in your success. We will partner with you to ensure we are maximizing business opportunity with every open role, and help guide your search parameters as needed.
Candidate Follow up
We are committed to prompt and effective followup on each application, and as candidates proceed in a search process. All candidates receive status updates immediately when we know them.
Your internal company information will never be shared with anyone outside our office. If needed, we can execute a search on a confidential basis without sharing the brand until you start interviews.